Rydal 300 Pro Inflatable Dinghy

Rydal 300 Pro Inflatable Dinghy


Professional inflatable SIB boat. Designed by sports experts for various activities on the water. A quality boat for the true boating enthusiast, with all the accessories you need. The Rydal 300 is suitable for most kinds of fun and recreation on the water, such as rowing, fishing, a tender, boating with an outboard motor, or just recreational use.

Postage is available at extra cost of £30,. Free collection in person or your own Currier, by appointment only

For Highlands and Islands and Ireland, please ask for a quote before buying, as may be more expensive

Airdeck floor, is a user friendly floor, ideal when just putting the boat  together for the day. Easier to put together and lighter to carry. The floor is very similar to the paddle boards you see, not as firm, but very stable and can easily stand. Can easily be used to climb in and out of bigger boats.

Aluminium floor is a tough solid floor, takes a bit more effort to put together, but offers a very solid floor. the floor come in sections and 2 side rails to hold it all secure. We have a handy YouTube video, Rydalribs aluminium floor, this gives great tips on how to build.


  •  Available with either Aluminium floor or an Airdeck floor
  • 1 x Moveable Aluminium seat, Second seat Standard  for the green boats
  • Airdeck is a lighter alternative to aluminium floor, you can still stand on it 
  • Large format (300cm x 151cm) and stable
  • Compact to store
  • Easily inflated
  • Attractive design
  • Available in Grey or Green and All Black
  • High-quality materials
  • Hand-made
  • The hull is UV-resistant, petrol and oil resistant
  • The PVC consists of no less than three layers and is even more soft and flexible at low temperatures
  • Model 300 rated up to 3 adults + 1 Child 
  • This model has a max payload of up to 585 kg
  • External dimensions: 300cm x151 cm
  • Tube diameter: 41 cm
  • Number of air chambers: 3 with high-pressure valves
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Self-bailing drain valve
  • Equipped with 3 carry handles + 2 carry ropes + pair of screw top oar rollocks + pair of oar storage clips
  • Inflatable keel and solid floor included as standard
  • Weight: 40 kg for the  Airdeck version and 52kg for the aluminium floor version
  • Engine power max. 10hp (not included)
  • Approval: approved EU production by EU standards
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Included in package: Rydal-300 boat, 1 seat, floor, 2 aluminium oars, pump, and repair kit
Regular price £710