Paddle Board 10ft SUP

Paddle Board 10ft SUP

Try your hand at paddleboarding with the Rydal 10ft Paddle board. This beginner's board is the perfect shape for safe boarding. 

Are you Holidaying within the lake district and need a Paddle Board? We can drop you on off if we're free.t

The Rydal paddleboard is made with a double layer of PVC, and drop stitch technology. This provides a very stiff board that prevents  it from deforming. 

The top deck has a soft cushioned anti slip mat, making it comfortable for use with bare feet.

The Rydal paddle board includes a paddle, 2 way hand pump, a rucksack,  ankle leash and a repair kit, everything you need to get started!

Easily removable rear skeg for packing SUP away 

Max pressure of 15psi

Our Paddle Board is super lightweight, and can easily carry to the waters edge

everything can be packed into the rucksack for storage, or tracking to water 

10ft long 

Regular price £200