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Our favourite selection of hand made inflatable boats perfect for family fun. They come in three sizes - 2.3m, 3.0m and 3.6m. The 2.3m is perfect for 1-2 people who want to use this as a tender to get to their main boat or for some quiet time fishing on a lake. The 3.0m will comfortably take between 3-4 people who want to tour a lake or go fishing in and around the local shores of the sea.  The 3.6m is a luxury inflatable boat for those that want to fit p to 6 people on a boat, great for cruising lakes or sheltered seas alike.

The range come in a selection of colours, check out the listings to choose your favourite colour or get in touch to request your own favourite colours.

Green and black inflatable dinghy on shore

Rydal 230 Pro Airdeck

Regular price £440

Rydal 360 Pro Inflatable dinghy

Rydal 360 Pro Inflatable dinghy

From Regular price £899