What size inflatable boat should i go for?

Here at Rydal Ribs one question we get asked is what size inflatable boat should I buy?  This question is not to dissimilar to the what size television should i buy, many people are debating between the three TV sizes 48 inch, 55 and 65.  As soon as the TV arrives at home many wish they'd bought the bigger one.

Our view, like TV's you should go for as big as is practical for you. Here are some considerations for you.

Number of people

The 2.3m is designed for two people and but is ideal for single use when looking for a bit of space.  The 3.0m is designed for 3 people and 3.6m designed for 6 people. So the decision here is about how much space you want the numbers quoted are a maximum and when taking the maximum you lose space for storage and movement.


Whilst going for a bigger boat grants you greater space and comfort it is at the detriment of greater weight.  The 2.3m inflatable boat is easily transportable by one person, the 3.0m would require 2 people and the 3.6m would require at least 2 people and would be best suited with wheels on the back to assist.


The 2.3m will comfortably fit in all but the smallest of car boots, the 3.0m will fit in most mid car boots and the 3.6m requires a large estate style boot.


Simply put the bigger the boat the faster it will go. As the boat gets bigger the size of the outboard also gets bigger. 

So in summary our recommendation is you go for as big as boat as possible given the above constraints. If you want to discuss which boat would be best for you please send us a message and we will be pleased to help.